EVE Online Dev Unveils Console MMO Dust 514

EVE Online Dev Unveils Console MMO Dust 514

At the tail end of a session on EVE Online‘s battle with the impossible throughout its lifespan at GDC Europe today, CCP’s CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson announced Dust 514, a new, massively multiplayer console MMO that will tie in with the EVE Online universe.

In a tongue-in-cheek reference to Remedy’s GDC Europe keynote, Petursson joked that the studio’s next announcement would be EVE 2.0: The Fall Of Eve, before treating the audience to the first-ever trailer of the forthcoming game. At first things look familiar: a slow pan shows us a massive spacestation surrounded by fighter craft and a futuristic vessel control room. But then the action zooms into first-person and we’re thrown into an explosive battle with soldiers, tanks and aircraft all exploding in style.

“Instead of doing EVE Online for consoles,” says Petursson, “we looked hard at what people want to do when they’re playing in their living room as opposed to sitting in front of a PC. We thought of creating something specially for that experience, setting it in the EVE universe, and connecting it with EVE.”

Dust 514 isn’t only set in the EVE universe – events in the console game will have a direct impact on the world of EVE Online, and vice versa. “The Dust 514 battlefield might dictate who controls a specific planet inside EVE the MMO. An EVE player can contract a Dust mercenary team to go and gain control of a certain territory… EVE then feeds back into Dust by funding mercenaries, and so forth.”

Dust 514 has been in development in Shanghai for three years. Petursson didn’t announce a speculative release date.

Words: Keza MacDonald
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