Eve Online passes 500,000 subscribers



Sci-fi MMO Eve Online now has 500,000 subscribers, developer CCP has confirmed.

The Icalandic studio says that Eve Online has seen ten consecutive years of subscriber growth, and that its latest free expansion Retribution was its most successful ever. Eve’s official tenth birthday is on May 6th, and will be commemorated with a series of in-game and fan events in Iceland.

“For me, this is a true testament that Eve can live on forever, as long as we do right by her,” said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson. “We have not come to this point alone; millions of players have helped push us to this milestone. I now know in my mind what I previously only believed in my heart: that Eve will outlive us all.”

CCP’s free to play PS3 shooter Dust 514, which takes place in the Eve Online universe, also went into open beta in January. You can find out what we thought of it in our Dust 514 preview.