Evolution Studios reveals DriveClub on PS4

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UK-based Evolution Studios, creator of the MotorStorm series has announced DriveClub, a new squad-based racing title being developed for the PlayStation 4.

Studio boss Matt Southern claims the game has been in development for almost a decade. “We’ve literally waited for the technology to be available to realise our vision for next-gen team racing,” he told the crowd.

After touting the power of Sony’s new console and describing the obsessive level of detail they’ve lavished on the game – Evolution has rendered individual fibre variationsin the seat upholstery so that it reflects light in a realistic manner – Southern insists that creating a next-gen title isn’t simply about hardware.

DriveClub will attempt to bring an unprecedented level of team-based social play to the racing genre, which will play out both asynchronously and in real time. Players will be able to post challenges from their tablets and smartphones, which can then be tackled by teams all over the globe.

So what exotic supercars can players expect? The Hennessey Venom GT, for one, which Southern says will exhibit “totally correct material parameters painstakingly measured from the real thing…We’ve gone borderline insane with real-world details and subtlety.”

No release date has been announced.