Fatal Frame dev announces Shinrei Camera for 3DS

Shinrei Camera, a collaboration between Nintendo and Keisuke Kikuchi’s team at Tecmo Koei, will make use of the 3DS’s AR features in what sounds like a unique spin on the horror genre. The game will ship with an AR notebook, which while looking harmless enough in real life will reveal hidden messages, clues and the odd demonic enemy. “I wasn’t all that interested in AR to start with,” Kikuchi told Famitsu, “but as I explored the possibilities I really started to get into it. The result is this style of horror that does away with the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural. Compared to previous Fatal Frame titles, though, there isn’t as much actual time spent with the game itself, because you’ll also be spending time turning pages on the AR notebook and looking around in real life instead of moving your character around within the game.” Nintendo is to publish Shinrei Camera in Japan, but there’s no news on a release date.