FIFA 13 named most accessible game of the year by AbleGamers charity



Electronic Arts has earned itself plaudits from the AbleGamers Foundation, a charity that advocates greater access in videogames for disabled gamers, which named FIFA 13 the 2012 AbleGamers Accessible Mainstream Game Of The Year.

The inclusion of full mouse support – the first such example in a high-end mainstream sports game, according to AbleGamers – means that players with muscular dystrophy, cerebal palsy, multiple sclerosis and those with only one hand are still able to play the footy sim.

Remappable keys, customisable colour options, high-contrast menus and plenty of visual cues also contributed to the game’s win, but the option to change AI and PC settings – adjusting opponent reactions and game speed – brought home the prize.

“AbleGamers congratulates Electronic Arts on their fourth and most impressive win,” a post on the website reads. “On behalf of the more than 33 million disabled gamers, we thank EA for accepting the game accessibility guidelines of Includification with open arms and utilizing the disability community’s suggestions on how to improve game accessibility.”

XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Colour Bind scored honourable mentions – the former for much the same reasons as FIFA and the latter for it consideration towards colour blind players. Colour Bind also has the honour of being the first indie game to have made it to the final selection round for the AbleGamers award.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II and Dishonored were also praised for following the foundation’s guidelines as much as possible, despite the inherent difficulties of making the firstperson genre accessible. Playground Games’ Forza Horizon, however, was criticised removing many of the accessibility features that won Forza 3 the Accessible Game prize two years ago.