Fils-Aime and the Power of Mii

Fils-Aime and the Power of Mii

Fils-Aime and the Power of Mii

In a virtual interview held within the online game Second Life, Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime speculates on the potential expansion of the Wii’s customizable avatar; also talks Wii MMOs.

Speaking to Reuters virtual correspondent Adam Reuters (a.k.a. London-based Adam Pasick), Fils-Aime said that those avatars, called Miis, have potential to be the basis for a Wii social network.

Commenting on the possibility of online Mii-based player profiles and further customization, Fils-Aime said, “We think the ability to customize your Mii is very fascinating, adding more personality, more information, so certainly that’s something we’re looking at.”

Fils-Aime also said that he’d like to see Miis showing up outside of Nintendo’s Wii. “We have had so much interest from a variety of virtual networks out there. We have Miis showing up on MySpace, and other places, so I’d love to see it show up on Second Life.”

Also touched on in the interview was the potential for MMOs to come to the Wii. With its unique interface, the console could be a very manageable MMO platform from a gamer’s standpoint. Fils-Aime said, “The Wii certainly has enough power to drive an MMO and make it totally interactive. Are we as a first party looking at it? Not so far, but are we encouraging other developers to look into this? Absolutely. We believe with the nunchuck and the Wii remote it could be a fantastic MMO.

“There’s nothing from a pure MMO standpoint in the pipeline but I have spoken with a handful of developers and it’s something they’re intrigued with,” he said.

(Photo credit: Reuters)