First Diablo III PlayStation screens surface


Blizzard has released the first screens of the PlayStation version of Diablo III on

The game will be released on both PlayStation 3 and 4, and will be based on the existing PC game – including Paragon levels, the Infernal Machine event, Monster Power, Brawling and a number of other post-PC-release updates.

There’s no clarification yet as to whether the PS4 version will take advantage of its host hardware’s higher ceiling, or be ostensibly the same as its PS3 counterpart, but Blizzard will show the PS3 game at PAX East next month.

The blog post does, however, mention some of the changes being wrought for the console release, including, “customized controls, a new user interface, and a dynamic camera perspective.”

There will be four-player online and local co-op, too. Here’s the first look: