First images of Disney’s videogame animation Wreck-It Ralph

Disney has released the first images of its upcoming animated film Wreck-It Ralph, which tells the story of a videogame villain unsatisfied with his lot in life.

Originally announced last August at the company's D23 convention, the film follows the titular Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by John C Reilly) as he becomes tired with destroying buildings in his 8-bit arcade game only for Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) to clean up the mess and take all the glory.

When a modern first-person shooter (Hero's Duty) is installed in the arcade, he spots an opportunity to become the hero and escapes his dated enclosure via the power lead. Of course, calamity ensues and Ralph has to team up with a character from Sugar Rush (played by comedian Sarah Silverman), a saccharine kart racer, to save the arcade before it closes down.

Though Pixar isn't involved, the animation studio's trademark knowing references seem present and correct, with a refreshingly good handle on videogames and their memes.

Directed by Rich Moore, the film is due for release in the US on December 26.