First Trials Evolution update to wipe multiplayer scoreboards


RedLynx has announced that it will release the first update for Trials Evolution, which will address some of the early problems with the game, tomorrow at 2:00am PST (10:00am GMT).

The XBLA racer suffered from a server overload when it was launched as the unexpectedly large number of early adopters flooded the game. The result was corrupted multiplayer leaderboards, with many players calling for a reset since the problems began.

Writing in the official RedLynx forum, the Finnish developer has confirmed that the reset will take place with tomorrow's update, wiping the boards clean, but that multiplayer ranking will remain unchanged.

"The reset was deemed necessary by Microsoft and us, due to the large amount of corrupt data that entered the Leaderboard due to server overload and stress at launch, as well as some issues that have persisted until this update," the developer writes. 

"We’ve worked hard to identify these issues and address them."

The update fixes a number of other issues, too, including the introduction of greater stability in multiplayer games, the enforcement of a 22 checkpoint limit in the editor, a patch for the infrequent occurence of incorrectly calculated track times, and some adjustments to the skill games to eliminate known scoring loopholes.

"We apologise for the Multiplayer Leaderboard reset," the post continues. "However, this step was deemed necessary to ensure the best multiplayer experience for all players, and we feel fair and valid Multiplayer Leaderboards are an integral part of the overall Trials experience."

The studio issued a fix for skewed Track Central listings late last month.