Flight Simulator Vets Launch New Studio

Flight Simulator Vets Launch New Studio

Former members of Microsoft’s Aces Studio have founded Cascade Game Foundry, a new Washington-based developer intent on broadening the simulation market.

“Not only will Cascade Game Foundry address the significant hole in the simulation market left by Microsoft’s recent departure, it will push new boundaries with the latest in cutting-edge graphics, simulation and web technology,” the company said.

Creative director Rick Selby added that starting a new studio allowed the staff to “reconsider all our preconceived notions… The hardcore simulation fan is the critical foundation, but why stop there? We want to deliver unique experiences that appeal to diverse audiences around the world."

Managing director Kathie Flood suggested that the possibilities for the simulation genre are endless. "Think of Scuba diving off Hawaii, traversing the Andes, hiking the Great Wall of China."

Cascade Game Foundry is currently working on the design of its first project.