Former DJ Hero devs reveal new mobile studio

A number of ex-FreeStlyeGames staff have established a new mobile development studio called Music In Colour. Headed up by former FreeStyleGames boss Chris Lee, it’s set to release a music title, Say What?!, for iPhone on July 20. A collaboration between the studio, music production company Reactify and independent recording studio Metropolis Group, the game uses an increasingly cryptic collection of scrolling icons which relate to song lyrics, which players have to correctly identify and tap on to progress. Debuting with four playable tracks from artists Calvin Harris, Scouting for Girls, the Zutons and The Nolans, it’ll be free to download, with additional songs sold via in-app payments of £1.19. “The music business needs to capture a new audience,” Music In Colour managing director Lee told the Guardian. “Rather than make a game then license the music, this is much more of a partnership. We think there is a great opportunity to leverage the mobile platform to build something that reaches a wider audience, and monetises music… It’s almost a Generation Game mechanic: a simple layer that lives over the music. We’re not trying to be cleverer than that. This is about something that appeals in its simplicity, and we’re trying not to niche it. It should appeal as much to 8-13 year-old girls as it does to 30-40 year-old males.”