FPS MMO Huxley Finds Western Publisher

FPS MMO Huxley Finds Western Publisher

FPS MMO Huxley Finds Western Publisher

The MMO first-person shooter Huxley will launch in the West on NHN USA’s free-to-play portal ijji.com.

NHN USA said Monday that it will be publishing Seoul, South Korea-based Webzen’s Huxley in North America and Western Europe via NHN’s website ijji.com.

Although the game will be showing up on the free-to-play portal in late 2008, NHN USA VP and head of games Sunny Kim said that the exact business model for Huxley is still up in the air.

"The game is under development, and we’re very open to business models," she told Next-Gen in a phone interview Friday.

The game, developed by Webzen, is also slated for release on Xbox 360, although the NHN USA agreement only covers rights for the PC version.

Kim said that Webzen, whose presence is considerably stronger in Asia than in the West, needed a publisher with a better foothold in Western territories. Webzen began talking to NHN about the publishing agreement earlier this year. The deal was finalized in mid-May.

Irvine, Calif.-based NHN USA describes Huxley as a "twitch-action massively multiplayer online" FPS in which players can choose between two races, the Sapiens and the Alternatives.

Webzen is still working towards establishing a stronger Western presence. Crackdown developer Realtime Worlds recently bought back from Webzen the distribution rights to its upcoming crime MMO All Points Bulletin.

"At the time we did the deal, we expected [Webzen] to be a full-fledged publisher in both [North America and Europe], but that didn’t pan out," Realtime Worlds president Tony Harmon said in a Next-Gen interview in April.