Game Boss Shelley Day Jailed

Game Boss Shelley Day Jailed

Shelley Day, former boss of games publishers Hulabee and Humongous
Entertainment has been sentenced to two years in prison for fraud.

Day, 45, was found guilty of defrauding the Asia Europe
Americas Bank of Seattle of more than $1.5 million. She had secured a
loan against claims to be selling kids online games outfit Hulabee to
Vivendi. Prosecutors said she then lied about the deal to explain
delays in coming up with the money.

Day founded Humongous in the
early 1990s, which went on to be a top three publishers of kids games.
It was eventually sold to GT Interactive for $76 million and then on to
Infogrames and then Atari. In 2001 she founded Hulabee, made up of
former Humongous staff.

She had formerly worked on such titles
as Monkey island 2 (LucasArts) and Super Boulder Dash (EA) (Source:
Moby). In 1998 she appeared on Time’s Digital Elite list and was lauded
as one of the leading entrepreneurs of the game industry.

used the money in an attempt to buy a $3 million house. U.S. District
Judge Thomas Zilly described Day as a "sophisticated, educated person
setting out to defraud anyone to reach her goals". Her defense said she
would be able to repay the loan once games in development reached
market, but the judge rejected this plea.

Source: Seattle Post