Game Group loses EA support

Game Group has apparently lost the support of Electronic Arts, and will not be stocking Mass Effect 3.

The company confirmed to staff in an internal memo this morning that, after the release of SSX this Friday, neither Game, Gamestation or their respective websites will be stocking EA titles.

Those who have pre-ordered  be refunded and given an extra £5 in store credit, though Game is fast running out of things for its customers to spend money on.

The retailer has already lost the support of Nintendo, and has not stocked 3DS fighter Tekken 3D Prime Edition or Wii RPG The Last Story. It was left without stock of Ubisoft's PS Vita launch titles, a situation that was only resolved earlier this week. It is believed the problems stem from the loss earlier this month of Game's credit insurance, forcing it to pay upfront for new releases.

But the loss of EA's support is the most worrying sign to date that the retailer's days may be numbered. The publisher admitted earlier this month that "the financial condition of one of our major European retail partners … could lead to both increased bad debt and lost sales."