Game Group shares fall 15 per cent

This morning's news that Game Group will not be stocking EA titles, including Mass Effect 3, from next week onwards has predictably hit the company's share price hard.

At the time of writing, a single share in the nation's largest specialist videogame retailer costs 5p – a drop of 14.97 per cent since the day's trading began.

A leaked internal memo reveals that it made the decision not to stock EA games because the publisher was not prepared to relax its credit terms, and it has since admitted it will not be stocking Wii minigame collection Mario Party 9. Speaking to the Guardian, a spokesperson tried to put a positive spin on another dismal day for the troubled retailer.

"Following the extremely successful launch of the Sony PS Vita, there is lots to be excited about in our stores and online this weekend including the release of the Mortal Kombat GOTY Edition, Angry Birds Seasons, Ski-Doo Challenge and Crash Time 4.

"Unfortunately, Mario Party 9 for Wii is not in stock; we have apologised to any customers this has affected and can assure anyone who has pre-ordered that they will be able to exchange their credit."