Game Lawyer Compares Sony to ‘Pearl Harbor’

Game Lawyer Compares Sony to 'Pearl Harbor'

Anti-game violence lawyer Jack Thompson has compared Sony’s U.S, distribution of
games to Japan’s 1941 attack on American forces stationed at Pearl Harbor.

  In a release he stated, "Certain regional governments in Japan have
banned the sale of the Grand Theft Auto games to minors, but Japan’s
Sony has no problem whatsoever dumping this garbage into American kids’
brains. Looks like Pearl Harbor 2 by Sony/Take-Two…"

Thompson will this week be hitting the airwaves as the civil trial
against game companies begins in Alabama, prompted by a murderer who
claimed to be affected by playing games.

Thompson is a favorite of news networks seeking hot quotes. But this
might be an image too far, likely as it is to offend just about
everybody from war vets to the Japanese to anyone who consumes a Sony
product (i.e. everyone). Also, GTA has not been banned in Japan. It has merely been classified for an adult audience.

Web blog GamePolitics contacted Thompson to check if that was what he really meant. He said, it sure was, and he was happy to say it again.

He said, "What the Japanese are doing to our kids is insensitive and
racist. The Japanese have for a very long time dumped pornography
[violent games] into this country in a fashion they would not tolerate
in their own country. It is another version of Pearl Harbor."

He added, "Sony has led the planet in the distribution of mainstream
porn. I don’t have time to document it for you. As for the
offensiveness of the Pearl Harbor comment, it’s accurate and it’s
needed. The Japanese have a contempt for our culture which is patent.
The dumping of garbage into our culture is a slow motion version of
Pearl Harbor."