Game Of Thrones RPG out in 2012

Cyanide, developer of A Game Of Thrones: Genesis, the PC strategy game released last month, has confirmed that its console and PC RPG based on George R R Martin's novels that will be released next year.

Kotaku reports that the game's story will pick up from where Genesis left off, will follow the first season of HBO's TV show and star two new characters, though familiar faces will feature during the course of the game.

Studio director Yves Bordeleau said that Cyanide had secured a licensing deal with HBO that will allow it to use some assets and character designs from the TV show, with some actors to provide the game's dialogue. "We entered the agreement late in the day, unfortunately," he said, "but we managed to have a lot of characters and locations modelled [after the series]."

Bordeleau compared the game's battle system to BioWare's Knights Of The Old Republic, using what he calls an "active pause system. You pause the game to give orders, but it doesn't really pause, it slows time down. You can see something coming and react to it."

Cyanide clearly knows and loves the source material: it was working on A Game Of Thrones: Genesis long before the HBO series, and this RPG has been in the works long enough to dispel any fears of it being a quick cash-in on the TV show's success. The developer is aiming for an early 2012 release for the game, with the second season of the HBO show due to start next spring.