Gamer Advocacy Group Backs Net Neutrality

Gamer Advocacy Group Backs Net Neutrality

Gamer Advocacy Group Backs Net Neutrality

The Entertainment Consumers Association has formally joined the fight for net neutrality.

Non-profit gaming advocacy group ECA has launched the beta for the web-based initiative, Gamers for Net Neutrality, which the ECA hopes will educate gamers about the dangers of a corporate-controlled Internet.

“Gamers make up a large percentage of Internet users, so our goal with the launch of Gamers for Net Neutrality is to raise awareness and increase advocacy within this space," said Jennifer Mercurio, ECA director of government affairs in a statement.

Net neutrality advocates and Games for Change have partnered with the ECA on the initiative.

The new website,, acts as an educational resource for gamers, and a rallying point for organized action in the future.

The issue of net neutrality is one of the more pressing issues for not only gamers, but anyone that uses the Internet. Telecom companies such as AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon intend on being Internet "gatekeepers," according to

"They want to discriminate in favor of their own search engines, Internet phone services, and streaming video — while slowing down or blocking their competitors," states

Such moves against net neutrality could affect the increasingly connection-dependent gaming experience.

"Net Neutrality is the single biggest public policy issue facing our communities today – as educators, non-profits, small businesses and the arts, we all deserve open and equal access to the Internet," said Games for Change president Suzanne Seggerman.

"Why let the telecom giants dictate what speed we play our games, view our video, or listen to music? Gamers, as one of the largest audiences on the Internet, need to act now – before it’s too late."