Games Pulled From MySpace As Traffic Falls

Games Pulled From MySpace As Traffic Falls

A continuing slump in MySpace’s traffic has led to several leading developers, including Zynga, pulling their games from the social networking site.

In addition to declining traffic, a slew of layoffs at the firm and persistent rumours that owner News Corp is trying to offload the website have led to some high-profile cancellations.

Inside Social Games reports that Playdom has shut down two text-based RPGs, Overdrive and Bloodlines, which boasted 2.7 million and 2 million users respectively.

Zynga, the undisputed king of social gaming, has only discontinued one title, the racing RPG Street Racing – which it has also cancelled on Facebook.

Californian studio RockYou, however, has abandoned MySpace entirely, with Truth Box, RockYou Pets, Superhug! and Speed Racing all removed from the service.

More developers are expected to leave the service over time, with Facebook rapidly becoming the only party in town, and cross-platform development becoming more complex.

Source: Inside Social Games