Games for Windows Live Gets Overhaul

Games for Windows Live Gets Overhaul

Games for Windows Live Gets Overhaul

Microsoft has rebuilt its Games for Windows Live service, adding a new user-interface and a Live Marketplace service similar to its console counterpart.

The Live Marketplace feature will feel familiar to PC gamers who use Valve’s Steam service; users can expect to download game trailers and demos, as well as receive add-on game content. One of the first games to feature on the Marketplace will be Bethesda’s Fallout 3, where "exclusive" downloadable content will be available for the RPG. Microsoft says the DLC will be the only way users can receive “the complete Fallout story, including new quests, foes and weapons.”

Bethesda’s vice president of public relations and marketing Pete Hines said of the new service: "Through the Marketplace we now have a no-nonsense way to deliver updates and great downloadable content. It’s really a complete package, and a great fit for Fallout 3."

Games for Windows Live will retain a number of features such as its achievements system, TrueSkill matchmaking, voice and text chat, and universal gamertag functionality.

"The online space is and will remain the driving force behind Windows gaming, and we’re taking steps to ensure that Games for Windows Live provides a unique online home for PC gamers," says vice president of Live John Schappert. "This new release was designed specifically with our community of PC gamers and game developers in mind. It’s a natural next step in delivering a world-class online service for Windows gamers."

Microsoft adds that Live will be utilized for a number of upcoming releases for the PC, including GTA IV, Quantum of Solace and Warhammer 40,000.

The Live Marketplace service is expected will launch in early December. A price structure was not announced and it remains unclear if users can download entire games for the service á la Xbox Live or, even, Steam. Edge has contacted Microsoft for comment on this matter.