GC Asia: Pirates Destroy Dreams, Says SCE Asia President

GC Asia: Pirates Destroy Dreams, Says SCE Asia President

During the opening keynote of Games Convention Asia in Singapore, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia delivered a lecture on the subject of copyright protection and the human victims of piracy.

Using a translator, Tetsuhiko Yasuda – a veteran of the games business since launching Sony’s original PlayStation in 1994 – said: “It’s essential for the whole country to understand the protection of software is essential for the steady development of the game industry.

“Young students who take game development as the dream of their lives will suffer the most,” he warned, noting that students who become junior developers will be the ones to feel the sting when their first project is pirated.

He said that normally, when a game sells enough copies, a producer will be rewarded with royalties. “This contributes to the healthy development of the software business.” But when a game’s sales are deflated by piracy, sales targets can’t be reached and no bonuses are issued. “They are the very enemies of the students,” Yasuda said of pirates. “I’m ready to devote the rest of my life to copy protection:”

Yasuda also spoke of the importance of training students. “Starting with Singapore, the possibilities for Asian countries are endless.” He said that the software industry must be nurtured locally, while absorbing the benefits of other cultures. “We will be doing our best to cultivate the software industry,” he promised.

Words by N. Evan Van Zelfden