GDC 2011: Bigpoint’s Ruined Enters Closed Beta

GDC 2011: Bigpoint's Ruined Enters Closed Beta

GDC 2011: Bigpoint's Ruined Enters Closed Beta

Ruined, the latest title from browser-based MMOG specialist Bigpoint, has entered closed beta in the States, with a European release to follow in the summer.

Playable through any web browser and set in ruined venues inspired by some of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, it’s billed as a fast-paced, tournament-style thirdperson shooter that pits players against one another in a competition to become the ultimate villain.

Bigpoint is showcasing Ruined’s first six characters and combat arenas at GDC, and has released a new trailer for the title, which you can see below. Players can sign up for the beta on the game’s official site,

“In under a year, our SF-based team has created an extraordinary browser game that nothing else in our segment can match,” said Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz. “We are excited to release this game and are confident that it will appeal strongly to American gamers who enjoy exotic weapons, rich graphics, and carnage. We are also looking forward to inviting gamers from all over the world into Ruined later this year.”

The company also plans to unveil two other new games at GDC, futuristic cartoon racer ToonRacer and a fantasy-themed dungeon adventure called Drakensang Online.

Bigpoint announced earlier this week that it is to host select titles from EA’s portfolio of free-to-play online games through its portal network. Lords Of Ultima, FIFA Online, Need For Speed, PGA Tiger Woods Online and Battlefield Heroes are all confirmed, with more titles to follow.