GDC 2011: Double Fine Announces Trenched

GDC 2011: Double Fine Announces Trenched

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer announced at GDC that the studio is developing a mech combat title, Trenched, for Xbox Live Arcade.

Set to be published by Microsoft, the thirdperson action game is a sci-fi war blaster that lets players “turn no man's land into real man's land,” according to the tagline.

Schafer showed off the debut trailer for the game at last night’s Game Developers Choice Awards, where Red Dead Redemption and Minecraft took home seven of the 10 gongs on offer.

According to Gamasutra, funnyman Schafer joked that the awards were a valuable alternative to those that recognise athleticism, peace promotion or acting, because they can be won “while leading a sedentary lifestyle, promoting violence and paying no attention whatsoever to personal appearance”.

Double Fine's most recent release was downloadable title Stacking, an eccentric and charming reinvention of the puzzle adventure which we awarded an 8.

Source: Gamasutra