GDC 2011: Scaleform GFx 4.0 Announced

GDC 2011: Scaleform GFx 4.0 Announced

GDC 2011: Scaleform GFx 4.0 Announced

Middleware firm Scaleform has announced that it will debut the latest version of its Flash-based development solution, Scaleform GFx 4.0, at this week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC).

The latest release includes a raft of new features including Flash 10.1/AS3 support and a new multi-threaded rendering engine designed to streamline the creation and playback of Flash UI and vector graphics.

Scaleform GFx now supports mobile chipsets and multitouch, and includes a Mobile UI Kit, optimising development for iOS, Android and other OpenGL systems.

The new release also includes 3D support, with 3D Flash tools and support for stereoscopic 3D rendering of Flash UIs and games. Flash 10.1/AS3 support enables developers to port browser games to mobiles and consoles with minimal modification.

Brendan Iribe, co-founder, said: “Our focus with version 4.0 was to create a new core architecture and rendering system that addresses the need for a multi-threaded GPU accelerated Flash UI engine on all platforms, from PCs to consoles to mobiles.

“Doing this required a major re-tooling of the code base, but it’s paid off – with GFx 4.0 developers getting a far more extensible and high-powered solution that is now optimised for mobile platforms. We’re thrilled to get the new SDK into the hands of developers and let the code speak for itself.”

The alpha release of Scaleform GFx 4.0 can be downloaded here.

Source: Scaleform