GDC 2011: Unity Passes 400,000 Developers

GDC 2011: Unity Passes 400,000 Developers

More than 400,000 developers are using the Unity development platform, according to Unity Technologies.

Speaking to us at GDC, co-founder Nicholas Francis said that he was impressed not only by the volume of developers, but the amount of work they are doing. “Just as important a number that gets me more excited is that people using Unity spent 1.1 million hours with creation in the last month. They were 115,000 people just in the last month.

“That’s super-high engagement, such a broad range of users but people are using it and creating and learning. It’s awesome.”

Unity Technologies is at GDC primarily to showcase Unity Android, announced earlier this week, which the firm says enables developers to export their games to Android in a single click thank to its single authoring environment. Our full interview with co-founders Nicholas Francis and David Helgason will be published next week.