GDC 2011: Women In Gaming Awards

GDC 2011: Women In Gaming Awards

GDC 2011: Women In Gaming Awards

The third annual Women in Gaming Awards was held yesterday at GDC 2011, hosted by Microsoft and the IGDA Women In Games special interest group. The awards recognise the key women working in the industry today and featured the following categories: Art, Audio, Business, Design, Engineering, Production, Rising Stars. The full list of nominees and winners is below:

Lydia Choy, Senior Tech Artist at Double Fine
Magdalena Dadela, Character Artist at Ubisoft Montreal
Melanie Tremblay, Graphics Team Lead at Ubisoft Montreal
Christine Phelan, Animator at Valve Software

Tasha Harris, Animator at Double Fine

Jodie Kupsco, Lead Audio Designer at Capcom
Alice Bernier, Lead Audio Designer Warner Brothers Games Montreal

Emily Ridgeway, Audio Sound Designer at Double Fine

Kristine Coco, Director of Operations at NGMoco
Margaret Wallace, CEO at Playmatics
Kellee Santiago, CEO at ThatGameCompany

Jennifer Hollcroft, Systems Designer at 2K Marin
Kim Swift, Creative Director at Airtight
Melissa Sawicki, Game Designer at Zynga
Susan O’Connor, Writer

Chris Trottier, Creative Director at Zynga

Anna Kipnis, Senior gameplay Programmer at Double Fine
Anuradha “Anu” Sastri, Tech Lead at Playdom (Disney)
Lauren McHugh, AI Systems Specialist at EA Maxis
Simona Tassinari, Principal Engineer at Rare Ltd.

Christina Coffin, Platform Specialist at DICE Sweden

Karen Clark, Program Manager at Playdom (Disney)
Marianne Monaghan, Executive Producer at LucasArts
Melissa Miller, Senior Producer at 2K
Shannon Loftis, Studio Manager at Microsoft Game Studios
Tanya Jessen, Producer at Epic Games

Jade Raymond, Managing Director at Ubisoft Toronto

Rising Star
Denise Remhof, Product Manager at Playfish/EA
Erin Robinson, Game Designer/Artist at Lively Ivy
Aleissia Laidacker, AI Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal

Tasha Harris, Animator at Double Fine