GDC 2012: Epic wants Samaritan demo in Flash

Epic Games has shown off the progress it has made running Unreal Engine in Flash, saying that its long-term goal is to run the Samaritan demo in Adobe's technology.

Speaking during a GDC presentation, Epic Games VP Mark Rein showed off Dungeon Defenders running in full screen just as well as it does on PS3, according to "This isn't your father's FarmVille," Rein quipped at the close.

Another demonstration followed, this time showing Unreal Tournament III in Flash – which Epic showed off back in October, when it first announced Flash support – but Samaritan remains the goal.

Samaritan was first shown at GDC last year, and Rein noted that, at the time, it took three Nvidia cards and a massive power supply to run. A year on, Samaritan runs on an unannounced Nvidia card and a single, 200-watt power supply.

Epic is showing Unreal Engine 4, the next-gen iteration of its hugely popular engine, behind closed doors at GDC ahead of its public unveiling later this year. In the meantime, mere mortals will have to make do with the below video showing what Unreal Engine 3 is capable of when paired with DirectX 11 and, below that, the Samaritan demo.