GDC 2013: Activision to talk next-gen and ‘ultra realistic characters’


An Activision Blizzard representative will talk about overcoming the uncanny valley with next-generation tech at GDC 2013. Speaker Jorge Jimenez will explore the topic as part of his talk, ‘Photorealistic eyes rendering and deformation’. He is a real-time graphics researcher at Activision Blizzard with a PhD in Real-Time Graphics.

“The talk will show high-quality next-generation shading driven with a plausible game rig,” says the official GDC 2013 site. “Ultimately, our goal is to overcome the uncanny valley with next-gen run-time techniques and good artistic direction. This is for us, the first step toward achieving truly believable characters.”

Other new sessions revealed for GDC 2013 yesterday include Pixar’s Matthew Luhn on ‘The five key plot points to creating a great story’ and Creative Assembly’s lead designer James Russell on ‘The mechanics of Total War’.

Discounted early registration for the show ends on February 13th. GSC 2013 will take place between March 25th-29th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. There’s plenty more information on the event’s official site.