GDC 2013: All the news


We’ve been covering GDC 2013 from the Moscone Center in San Francisco all week, and we’ve collated every story from the event here.

Myst creator Robyn Miller on lying about budgets, poverty and technical limitations
Robyn Miller gave a charming talk about the difficult process of making his classic game at GDC 2013.

10 principles for good level design
The game design gospel according to Square-Enix Montreal’s Dan Taylor.

Diablo III’s mistakes, mishapes and misfits
Former Blizzard creative director Jay Wilson reveals what his team got wrong – and right – at GDC.

Subset Games on FTL’s inspirations and what to do with all that Kickstarter money
Diner Dash, X-Wing Vs Tie-Fighter and Battlestar Galactica all helped inspire Justin Ma and Matthew Davis’ indie hit.

343 Industries on overcoming ‘dark times’ to ship Halo 4
“It seemed like we had an insurmountable challenge,” said 343’s Josh Holmes during his GDC 2013 talk.

Keita Takahashi presents Tenya Wanya Teens
The creator of Katamari Damacy (almost) explains his next offbeat game project.

Media Molecule on the origins of Tearaway’s papercraft world
How mud, fingers and thumbs led to the creation of Media Molecule’s ‘paper engine’.

Crispy’s failed pitches and why SCEA didn’t want to publish Tokyo Jungle
Japanese developer reveals the troubles it has had getting its games published, including its trademark title.

Bungie reveals Destiny’s beginnings through its concept art
GDC session reveals how Destiny evolved from a fantasy-style game to a ‘mythic sci-fi’ title.

Jenova Chen reveals how loneliness and World Of Warcraft inspired Journey
Thatgamecompany figurehead reveals the story behind his concept for the PSN title.

Media Molecule on Tearaway’s troublesome gestation, and the role of the producer
Siobhan Reddy reveals the studios’ difficulties in bringing Tearaway to Vita.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s difficult launch and its switch to free to play
Bioware reveals the struggles its MMOG faced at launch and in the last twelve months.

Creative Assembly reveals Total War: Arena
New free to play strategy title unveiled by lead designer James Russell.

Leti Games on the challenges facing African developers
Leti Games offers insight into a development scene that spans 55 countries and 3000 cultures.

Mozilla and Epic working on bringing Unreal Engine 3 to Firefox
Plug-in-free, in-browser tech aims to eventually rival 3D performance in native apps.

Journey dominates at the Game Developers Choice Awards
PSN release wins six out of eleven individual game awards at GDC ceremony.

Cart Life gets the Grand Prize at the IGF Awards
Richard Hofmeier’s Cart Life takes three awards and Subset Games’ FTL: Faster Than Light scoops two in indie award show.

Necrosoft reveals Gunhouse for PlayStation Mobile
Indie developer also collaborating with Streets of Rage composer Motohiro Kawashima on Oh Deer!

Sony reveals new PS4, DualShock 4 and PS Eye details
SCEA’s Chris Norton talks PS4 power and what the new DualShock pad and PS Eye will be able to do.

Kojima announces Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain
Ground Zeroes was footage of fifth game in the series, it turns out.

See the first images from Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain’s opening section
Screenshots of new trailer also included.

Sony open to paid-for alphas across all platforms
The notoriously closed platform holder is opening up to more risky projects.

Battlefield 4 first impressions
EA’s slick reveal event at GDC 2013 showcases Battlefield 4′s next-gen game engine and singleplayer campaign.

EA and DICE reveal Battlefield 4
17 minutes of gameplay footage goes live, set for release later this year.

Capy Games argues the case for paid apps
The shift to free to play downloads should be seen as an opportunity, says Nathan Vella.

How Starglider 2 became StarFox
GDC session reveals the tensions between Dylan Cuthbert and Shigeru Miyamoto during the development of StarFox.

Warren Spector on choosing the right way to tell game stories
The Epic Mickey creator tells developers to build on other media, not crib from them.

Crytek shows off CryEngine 3 in licensee showcase
Video includesSniper 2, Godslayer and Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen.

Blacklight Retribution confirmed for PS4
Zombie Studios’ free-to-play shooter making the leap from PC to Sony’s new console.

Q-Games unveils PixelJunk Inc trailer
First gameplay footage of the most ambitious PixelJunk game so far.

Havok unveils free mobile development suite Project Anarchy
Vision Engine plus physics, animation and AI tool available to mobile devs this spring.

Terry Cavanagh and Porpentine offer their top free indie games
The developers celebrate the best of website 

Puppeteer release date confirmed
PS3 puzzle platformer due this September on PS3.

Limbo announced for Vita as Sony details huge indie push
Sony kills off concept approval to get more indies onto Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Triple Town dev – “F2P like sending ships out into the ocean, hoping to find land”
Spry Fox on designing free-to-play for success.