GDC 2013: Havok unveils free mobile development suite Project Anarchy


Dublin-based middleware and tools company Havok has unveiled a new 3D engine for mobile games, which will be freely available to developers.

Currently going by the codename Project Anarchy, the tech is a complete game production suite that packages the company’s Vision Engine together with its physics, animation and AI tools.

Anarchy will also include game examples and tutorials to help devs hit the ground running.

“We’re consistently blown away by what the triple-A industry creates with our technology,” said Havok head of developer relations Ross O’Dwyer at GDC 2013.

“We’re really delighted to be able to offer these professional grade tools to mobile developers for free, and we look forward to supporting the mobile game development community to make some stunning games with the technology over the next few years.”

Project Anarchy will be made available this spring, and if you’re in San Francisco you can try it on the show floor of GDC.