GDC Europe adds talks from Nintendo, Google, and Havok

GDC Europe

GDC Europe has announced the inclusion of three new organizations in August’s conference, each of which will be bringing developer-focused vendor talks.

Google will be hosting its Developer Day on Tuesday, August 20. The first half of the day will focus on teaching upcoming developers “how to use Google’s monetization and promotion tools to support and grow” the games business, with an emphasis on utilizing Google Cloud. The day will finish with a pair of talks entitled “Acquiring the Most Valuable Users for Your Game” and “Measuring and Optimizing Games using Google Mobile App Analytics,” both of which focus on advertising and monetizing for mobile games

Game engine developer Havok will also host a pair of talks. The first, “Project Anarchy Introduction”, will give an overview of the company’s new free game engine for mobile devices. Next, a talk called “Redefining The MMO” to show off what Havok tools will be able to do with the next generation of hardware.

Finally, Nintendo has hinted that it will be giving talks at GDC Europe for the first time. However, what the pair of talks will be focusing on hasn’t beenannounced.

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