GDC Online: Blizzard’s game writing is all about “heart”

In a GDC Online talk this week, Blizzard SVP of creative development Chris Metzen discussed the publisher/developer's approach to the art of fiction.

Metzen humbly conceded that Blizzard "isn't necessarily known as the best story shop in the business," but that: "To us [writing] is not about the best [story] hooks in the world, or the most clever hooks. It's not about being the most unique in the world, or the best-written dialog in the world. To us it's about heart, it's about the engagement."

Encouragingly for budding scribes, Metzen was keen to emphasize the importance of the writer in the whole development process.

"As the design ebbs and flows, you're the one holding the torch," he said. "The writer's job is to hold the vision. It's cheerleader, torchbearer, keeper of the flame. The writer needs to be the one in the mix, in the middle, and keeping the image in mind."