GDC Online: PopCap points to cross-platform HTML5 future


Speaking at this week's GDC Online in Austin, Texas, frequent Edge contributor Giordano Contestabile addressed the transformation of the mobile gaming industry.

"One day the iPhone arrived and we became the darlings of the game industry," he said in a talk titled Successful Publishing On Smartphones: iOS vs. Android.

On the process of developing separate versions of each of its titles, Contestible explained how PopCap "really would like a future where we can develop a game once… And deliver on all the platforms. That future is not here yet but there might be a new hope – HTML5."

"I do believe it is a platform where we can deliver games on Facebook, iOS, and Android… maybe in 18 months or 24 months," he added. "I feel like we might get closer to cross platform gaming in the next few years."