Gearbox Makes “Tactical” Layoffs

Gearbox Makes "Tactical" Layoffs

Gearbox Makes "Tactical" Layoffs

Multiple reports emerged over the weekend claiming that Gearbox Software, the independent developer of Brothers in Arms fame, has had to make as many as 26 jobs redundant in its Texas-based development studio. News has now come through that the outfit’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines – to be published by Sega – has not been cancelled.

According to Kotaku, company president Randy Pitchford has stated that the layoffs were related to the company’s production cycles: "Over the last six weeks, we’ve been adjusting our internal strategy to move from being about opportunity, ambition and growth to a strategy that is oriented towards quality, focus and performance.  A number of recent tactical decisions here are a reflection of this new commitment and strategy. The timing of these tactical decisions relates more to natural manoeuvring that all studios should only consider after they finish a big effort than anything else."

The status of Aliens: Colonial Marines remains unclear, with Pitchford only stating that ‘halted’ would be an inaccurate description. Pitchford also stated that, contrary to what is normally associated with mass-layoffs, the company is currently hiring.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was scheduled for a late 2008 release, but had recently slipped to an unconfirmed date in 2009.