Glitch Enters Beta Next Week

Glitch Enters Beta Next Week

Browser-based MMOG Glitch is to finally enter beta next week, developer Tiny Speck has announced.

The aptly named game was originally intended to enter beta last year, but Tiny Speck was forced to keep the game in alpha while it ironed out problems, adding, tweaking and removing features along the way.

In a post on the Glitch blog, Tiny Speck co-founder Stewart Butterfield said: “About a year ago we started our very first alpha tests of Glitch. We knew it was going to be a long round of testing (although maybe not this long) and it turned out we were right.

“Hundreds of features have been added – and nearly as many trimmed or re-thought— thousands of pictures drawn and animations made, hundreds of thousands of lines of code written, all of it powered by support, feedback, patience, (and impatience!) from our testing community. Today we’re thrilled (and relieved and exhausted and delirious) to announce that we’re starting beta next week.”

Butterfield – a co-founder of Flickr – also confirmed that Tiny Speck had raised $10.7 million in funding from existing financiers Andreessen Horowitz and Accel. The developer is still on the hunt for testers, asking those interested to sign up here, and hinted at a mobile version by asking independent mobile developers to get in touch.

Source: Glitch