Global Game Sales Overtake DVD/Blu-Ray

Global Game Sales Overtake DVD/Blu-Ray

It is thought that, for the first time ever, worldwide videogame revenue had exceeded that of DVD and Blu-Ray in 2008.

According to market research company Media Control GfK International, global packaged media commodities amassed sales of some $61 billion in 2008. Games represent 53 percent of that figure, with DVD and Blu-ray sales responsible for 47 percent. The research group expects that distance to grow, with games representing 57 percent in 2009.

It was also reported that global sales of videogame software has risen an encouraging 20 percent in 2008, reaching $32 billion, while DVD and Blu Ray Sales had dropped six percent for the year, falling at $29.8 billion. It is thought that the biggest contributing factors to the steady increase in game sales was Nintendo’s Wii, while home movie media is being curbed by the transition from DVD to Blu-Ray.

Combined global sales of all packaged media commodities climbed six percent overall, yet Media Control GfK had higher expectations, foreseeing a rise of twelve percent. The jump in global game sales was also two percent short of projections. The global economic downturn was said to be a factor in these missed targets.