GOG redesign ushers in newer games

GOG redesign ushers in newer games

GOG redesign ushers in newer games

Digital distribution service Good Old Games (GOG) will begin offering newer titles alongside its over 400 classic PC titles from today, and has signed a number of indie developers as partners.

The DRM-free site's drive to become "bigger, fresher and newer" includes a site redesign alongside the launch of Trine and The whispered World, and preorders for first-person dungeon crawler Legend Of Grimock, on the service.

GOG has signed more than 20 other "newer classics" for release in the near future, including Darwinia, Spacechem and Machinarium.

Some of the newer titles will cost more than GOG's previous highest pricepoint of $9.99 (Legend Of Grimock costs $11.99, for instance, while The Whispered World comes in at $14.99).

The redesign includes an updated community wishlist, a built-in search on users' My Account pages, a better organised games library and an optional downloader that GOG claims offers downloads up to eight times faster than using a browser and supports patches, notifications and other bonus content.

All games released on the site will stick to GOG's strict DRM-free policy. Click the link below to visit the new site.

Source: GOG.com