Google Reveals Chrome Web Store

Google Reveals Chrome Web Store

Google has revealed the Chrome Web Store, an apps store that lets you install applications directly into your browser – including full-fat videogames such as Lego Star Wars.

The new app store will feature a range of apps, from tools and utilities as well and entertainment and videogames. According to reports, Google has shown Plants vs. Zombies and Lego Star Wars running smoothly in full 3D on the system.

As Google stresses, the apps that will appear in the store, which is due to launch later this year, "are built with standard web tools and technologies," which means they’ll work on all "modern browsers that support these technologies", not just Google’s Chrome browser.

Chrome users will, however, will get a special shortcut to access the store and their apps, and "can also request advanced HTML5 permissions".

Check it out for yourself here.

[ Source: Kotaku ]