Government supports Braben’s Raspberry Pi

The UK government has given a ringing endorsement of Raspberry Pi, the low-cost computer that David Braben hopes will kickstart a new wave of interest in programming.

In its response to the Next Gen skills review, the department of culture, media and sport writes: "The government recognises the potential developments such as the Raspberry Pi computer project have for stimulating and motivating children to understand basic computer science in schools.

"Much as the BBC Micro inspired a generation of computer programmers in the early 1980s, the Raspberry Pi could provide the platform for teachers and pupils to gain hands-on programming experience.

"Raspberry Pi is an example of how game developers are finding innovative and affordable solutions to tackle the perceived issues highlighted in the Next Gen Report."

There's a feature on Raspberry Pi in our latest issue, E235, and you can read an extended version of our interview with Braben here.