Guerrilla reveals Killzone for PS4


At tonight’s PlayStation Meeting Guerilla Games has revealed Killzone Shadowfall, the latest in its firstperson shooter series. The PS4 demo opened with a flight over a vast cityscape before the player is dropped off onto the roof of a skyscaper.

After a short journey through milling civillians and security, an explosion tears the scene apart before the Helgast begin executing survivors. From the looks of things, Killzone’s trademark heft is in place, the fight taking place amidst the burning wreckage of the building – much of which makes for useful cover, of course.

Another flight section follows, this time the player clinging to a rope danglng from a personel carrier. The city is vast and detailed, and the battles busy. Graphically, Shadowfall is a convincing opening salvo for PlayStation’s next generation, but there’s not a great deal on show gameplay wise that will be unfamiliar to anyone who’s ever played an FPS.