Guide for New Readers

Guide for New Readers

Guide for New Readers

Welcome to our second day of publishing. Here’s a quick and handy guide to the site, from the editor.

Our goal is to provide you with three positive benefits. First;
industry news as it breaks. Second; essential analysis from people at
the centre of those events. Third; opinion from the full spectrum of
the game industry. Next Generation is a conduit through which the game
industry can communicate every single day.

Right now you can read interviews with industry-leaders from Microsoft,
Electronic Arts, Activision, Midway, SVG Distribution, Flagship, Mad
Catz, Radical Entertainment, Konami and more. Every single day, we’ll
bring you more illuminating interviews from the people shaping our

Today you can also read profiles of companies representing a wide
spectrum, of activities in this industry, including LucasArts, SCEA,
Glu, Macrovision, Electronic Arts, ATI and Yahoo Games. This list of
companies will grow quickly from 13 today, to 50 within our first month

Our daily game profiles aim to analyze leading edge product from a
creative, commercial and technological angle, including interviews with
the people creating the games. Today, you can read about
ground-breaking titles including Marc Ecko’s Getting Up, Black,
Nintendogs, We Love Katamari, Starcraft: Ghost and Shadow of the
Colossus. Next Generation’s game profiles ask what these games mean for
the future of the industry, as well as for the retail, development and
publishing companies involved in bringing them to market.

Working lives

And we delve into the issues that shape our working lives including the
technology that drives this business, the relationships and working
practices we take for granted, and the controversies that sometimes
test us all.

Today, you can read about the violence issue, the power of retail
buyers; the technology behind next generation consoles; the U.S. mobile
industry; the trials of independent retailers; working practices at
publishing houses; PlayStation 2 and Xbox’s legacy; piracy; online
gaming and more. Every day, we’ll be adding more features.

The game industry is a business worth $10 billion a year. All of us who
work in this business are constantly being reminded of its mushrooming
value, its emerging maturity and its growing influence. It’s time for a
daily B2B publication that represents and reflects the views of the

Thanks for your time. Please feel free to send me your comments and
views. Don’t forget to sign up for your free daily newsletter.

Colin Campbell