Halo 4 to begin new trilogy

Halo 4 to begin new trilogy

Microsoft closed its 2011 E3 conference by officially announcing Halo 4. The title's existence was revealed in a leak earlier today.

While the announcement consisted of a CG sequence and included no substantial information, it was introduced as the first part of a brand new trilogy, despite its title.

The sequence started with the muted voice of a woman calling for help as the camera winds its way, Inner Space-style, through the insides of a body. On leaving its confines, it becomes apparent that the body belongs to Master Chief, who responds to Cortana's calls for help as the room they're in explodes. He then flies out in zero G and we learn that the two are in a burning hulk, drifting deep in space.

Halo 4 is scheduled for a holiday 2012 release.

Earlier during the presentation, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was also confirmed. The game will include a remastered campaign, classic multiplayer maps "enhanced and updated for Xbox Live", and online co-op.