Halo Anniversary Kinect features detailed

343 Industries has revealed how Kinect will be used in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary during a panel at Comic-Con in New York.

Most interesting of the functions is Analyze Mode, which brings a little of Metroid Prime's spirit to proceedings by allowing you to scan objects. Items, vehicles, characters and enemies can be scanned by placing your reticule over the intended target and saying, 'scan'.

The information garnered from this is collated in a new section called The Library (hopefully less Flood infested than the other one), which can be navigated using gesture controls.

Finally, actions including reloading your weapon and throwing grenades can be carried out by shouting commands, and you can even switch between the classic and remastered graphics simply by asking.

'Xbox Down-res' wasn't an instruction we imagined we'd be issuing when Kinect voice control was first tabled.