Halo Reach Gets September Release

Halo Reach Gets September Release

Bungie has announced that Halo Reach will launch worldwide on September 14, except in Japan, where it will debut a day later.

The developer also said that more than 2.7 million people logged 16 million hours on the beta for the upcoming shooter, which should allay some of the fears the studio has had about "Halo fatigue".

"It’s exceeded our expectations," Bungie community director Brian Jarrard told the AP. "Our only real perspective going into this was the Halo 3 beta test, which had about 800,000 people. We knew there were a couple million copies of ODST out there, but we really didn’t have any specific information that let us know what the population might be like."

Halo Reach creative director Marcus Lehto said of the beta: "There really is tons of analytical data that we need to derive from the beta test with regard to the network and back-end systems. We needed our fans to provide feedback. We needed a very large audience to hammer on this game, which allows us to use the data that really helps shape the final product.

"This is the most pressure we’ve ever been under," Lehto added. "This is the biggest Halo title we’ve ever made, and we’re worried there’s Halo fatigue out there. That’s why we set out to add new twists, and we’re happy to see people enjoy it, but it was a huge risk for us to release what’s essentially a work in progress to almost three million people."

A GamePlan Insights survey recently found Halo Reach to be this year’s most anticipated release.