Harmonix announces Rock Band Blitz

Harmonix has announced a return to its roots with Rock Band Blitz, a music game for the console download services that bears a more than passing resemblance to Frequency and Amplitude.

Like Harmonix's PS2 cult classics, the game is set on a multi-lane track, with players essentially travelling along the note chart. Blitz's track is split into four lanes – for, we assume, bass, drums, guitar and vocals.

Heartening as it is to see the studio ditch peripherals and return to its twitchy, rhythm-action roots, perhaps the most exciting element to Rock Band Blitz is its support of all previous Rock Band DLC. Those without hard drives full of songs won't be neglected; the game comes with a 25-song soundtrack of its own, and DLC bought within Blitz will be compatible with Rock Band 3.

Rock Band Blitz is in development for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and will be released this summer.