Hayashi keen on Dead Or Alive crossover

Hayashi keen on Dead Or Alive crossover

Hayashi keen on Dead Or Alive crossover

Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi admits he would like to develop a Dead Or Alive crossover title similar to Street Fighter X Tekken.

Capcom's upcoming game combines two of the most revered fighting game series of all time, something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago when fighting games were unpopular and Capcom and Namco were competitors, rather than collaborators.

In an interview, Hayashi told us: "In terms of collaboration titles, there are staff on our team who just love fighting games and if there was any chance to do that we'd actively, possibly do that.

"The first 3D game I played was Virtua Fighter, that's the IP I respect most. Virtua Fighter was the father of 3D gaming, so it's very well respected."

Hayashi's comments show just how much Team Ninja's outlook has changed since he replaced Tomonobu Itagaki, who quit parent company Tecmo Koei in 2008, as the head of the studio. Itagaki would never have sanctioned a collaboration with a rival – he once listed his five most-hated games, and all of them were from the Tekken series.

The change in thinking doesn't end there, either, with Hayashi explaining Team Ninja's changed stance on the depiction of women in its games. "Up to now we thought, with other games, let's show the beauty of a woman," he said. "How do we do that? Make her breasts big and just make them jiggle, that was the concept."

We spoke to Hayashi during our first look at Dead Or Alive 5, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show in September and is due for PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year. Hayashi has previously said that the latest in the series – the first to receive a multiplatform release since Dead Or Alive 2 – will be "fighting entertainment" rather than "just a fighting game". Either way, he hopes it proves more successful than Dead Or Alive Dimensions, which he admitted didn’t sell as well as Tecmo Koei had hoped.

"We believe we squeezed pretty much all of the horsepower out of the 3DS that we could have, really," he said. "In the performance sense we believe it was a great title. We hoped people would be playing more portable consoles out there but unfortunately that wasn't the case."