HD-DVD ‘60% Market Share’ Claim

HD-DVD '60% Market Share' Claim

HD-DVD '60% Market Share' Claim

The North American HD-DVD Promotional Group has claimed a 60% share of the booming high definition player market.

As well attaining a lead in the HD player market, 75,000 HD-DVD movie sales during the last week of May have resulted in a 4 to 1 movie attach rate.


Toshiba, a leading proponent of the HD DVD format and Sony, which supports rival HD format Blu-ray, have both upped the ante in the past month by dropping the prices of high definition players. The moves last week led to a record $5.2 million in overall HD consumer spending, up 31% on the previous record, and highlighting consumers’ growing appetite for HD content. Toshiba HD-A2 model is officially the best-selling next generation DVD player to date according to the HD DVD Promotional Group.


"Toshiba’s latest promotional efforts are clearly resonating with consumers and showing that price is king when it comes to hardware," said Craig Kornblau, chairman of the North American HD DVD Promotional Group.


"Behind the increase in sales for hardware and movies, you’re seeing fundamentally lower manufacturing costs and ease of authoring for HD DVD. That’s the type of model that can scale," he added.