Hello Games: XBLA Is A “Slaughterhouse” For Small Devs

Hello Games: XBLA Is A "Slaughterhouse" For Small Devs

Hello Games has said that it didn’t release race-platformer Joe Danger on Xbox Live Arcade because it views the service as a "slaughterhouse" for small developers.

"Why choose PSN? It was the only way we could self-publish," Hello Games' Sean Murray said at the Develop conference, according to GamesIndustry.biz. " XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers. There are games that do amazingly well. But there's two titles released every week and a lot of those are falling in that 25,000 or less category."

Murray claimed that 47 per cent of self-published XBLA titles sold under 25,000 copies, 23 per cent sold around 100,000, 13 per cent 200,000 copies and 17 per cent over 200,000. Joe Danger broke-even on its first day of availability and moved 50,000 copies in its first week.

Murray charted Hello Games' development of Joe Danger in his Edge blog.