Hirai: Sony’s Focus Is Now On PS3 Software

Hirai: Sony's Focus Is Now On PS3 Software

PlayStation president Kaz Hirai says he wants to ramp up the amount of software available for the PlayStation 3 in a bid to stay competitive with rival platform holders.

According to The Associated Press, Hirai told the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper that PS3 games will now be Sony Computer Entertainment’s main focus following the company’s previous attention given to its pricing strategy.


“[The PlayStation 3] is starting afresh as a console to play games with. Although pricing strategy is important, now we would like to put our strength in the number of software games," he said.


Many commentators remain underwhelmed by the PS3’s current software library, which pales in comparison to that of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Numerous big-name console platform exclusives have been released for Xbox 360 this year, including BioShock and Mass Effect, while a number of triple-A multiplatform titles such as The Orange Box have been less well received on Sony’s next-gen console than on Xbox 360.


Hirai was speaking following the recent introduction of PS3 price cuts in all major territories, a strategy that resulted in increased sales throughout the US, Europe and Japan.


He noted that he expects Sony to meet its target of selling 11 million PS3 units by March 31, 2008, the end of the fiscal year, while adding that he would like to see Sony’s game division “escape as soon as possible from the red and return to the black in fiscal year 2008”.