Hollywood veteran joins Respawn as art director

Respawn Entertainment, the studio founded last year by ex-Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella, has hired a Hollywood movie veteran as its new art director. It’s the first time that Matt Codd, who has previously worked on projects like Saving Private Ryan, Twelve Monkeys and Chronicles of Riddick, has worked in the game industry. In an interview on Respawn’s site, Codd said he was attracted to the field by the freedom it grants creators. “… Your mind gets so blurred working on movies and I think it was the other concept guys telling me that how they enjoyed working on games and how much more freedom and time for their imagination they had. So when I was asked to come and meet and do this game I thought ‘If all those things are true, I’d love to come do it,’ and sure enough, it seems that way.” He also said of the difference between the movie and game industries: “…On movies they slap a script in front of you. Pretty much 80% of the movie is going to be made that way. But what’s interesting about this company, or games, I’m not sure if it’s the same way everywhere, is they’re inventing as they go along and then seeing if it fits or if they need to take it out, it’s a far more imaginative way of coming up with entertainment.”